Monday, 20 June 2011

A Summer in Paris 2011!

I Wouldn´t be able to post some in Few days so Iam just trying to make it up! Hopefully when I get better I would not be neglecting my Blogs and so on.

I had so much fun this summer, I went to Paris again! yaayyyyy! There´s just something about this place that keeps me coming back for more. Paris for me is the place where i indulge my appetite for food. I love french food, specially desserts. French patteserie is the best! I love walking  a lot, buying fresh baked goods, breads, cookies and cycling in the city as well. Shopping is fantastic too! Theres  mixture of everything and for  Someone who loves style and fashion this is  a chic and  urban place to be. I am honestly into shopping. Does it ring a bell?

Champs ellysee is great luxury place to shop. The boutiques are high end from Prada, chanel, Louis vuitton to name a few but most of all Hermes! I am so addicted to Hermes but I am always on a budget...:(
I was looking for some local markets and vinatge shops but didnt have time coz we had so many things to do with so little time. I am going back soon anyway so hopefully i can make it this time.
I am so thnakful and happy I got my orange Birkin in 30cm, palladium. Merci mi amore! mwah

PS: I need to start a serious diet , i ate too much. ughhhhhhhhhhh Help!!

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  1. i love all photo from this trip, very lively. talking about france, it's such a romantic city and yeah the food just can't resist :). got the yellow dress too :)