Saturday, 18 June 2011

17th June 2011- Summer is here!pics from Paris.

Summer is here! so happy! I had very busy tiring but fun week! or should i say  a month? yes, coz  I had been hopping everywhere, Amsterdam, Belgium, Arnhein and most of all my love love Paris!
I went to Paris for shopping and fun and i loveeeee french desserts, sweets , breads and everything but most of all the chic Hermes! I t was not easy getting a Birkin on the spot. But I just really tried and tried and tried.
I am such a stubborn , strong willed woman! uhhh when it comes to shopping! bahahaa!

 These were taken last month´s Paris trip! I was so happy with the orange Hermes birkin! Thank you Hubby!

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