Friday, 24 June 2011

Fuschia dreams! Sun soaked!

Going for early dinner dropped by the ranch and photos!!!
The weather is warm today. I love the spring and summer seasons , bright colors! its colors every where. So i thought i would rock on my Fushia dress and  my Birkin! I love that platform  shoes / clogs. They ar e so  in this season ! Iam glad they are back, my mom used to have one! lol. they are just so comfortable! I got this cute little number at H&m..its cute , modern and has a retro twist! hmmm,,i got lucky this time  I rarely get to visit there these days coz I am just a bit occupied with some other little big things going on in my life! uh uh!

Outfit ensemble; Necklace chanel, Bag Herms birkin 30cm., Dress one shoulder bodycon by zara, Shoes by H&M.

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  1. I saw this shoes, sadly they didn't have my size. it's really cute. you look sexy as ever.